A Fresh Start Popsicles Adaptive E-book

A Fresh Start Popsicles Adaptive E-book


An adaptive E-Cook/Workbook crafted for anyone looking for some fun and yum summer treats!

All 8 recipes are gluten, refined sugar, and dairy free. This E-book supports people at all levels of cooking skills and experience while supporting goals related to cooking, planning, sequencing, and independence.

You'll recieve:

  • 8 recipe cards

  • 8 recipe leaflets - provides more support than a recipe card and includes colored photos for each step

  • Budget information for each recipe

  • Nutrition information for each recipe

  • Grocery lists for each recipe

How to use:

  • For beginner level students, begin with the recipe leaflets

  • Use the recipe leaflets and the recipe cards to transition to reading a recipe card independently

  • Find support in budget, nutrition, and independence goals

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